Best Friends - A Travel Show

The adventure of two childhood best friends traveling for the first time together!
Forrest Stevens and Riley Richters have been best friends since fourth Grade and have never traveled anywhere together before, but have always wanted to. When Riley suggested going to Taiwan because his brother lived there (and there is surf) Forrest packed his bags! The two of them experience tons of firsts like couchsurfing, surfing warm waves, sneaking into a music festival, Some incredible and strange foods, and motorbiking the coast of this tropical island.

The Reality of #Vanlife

A movie That follows an ex van dwellers journey as he seeks to dispel the myths about living in a van that social media shows. A look into the Hashtag that claims to represent vanlife.

Microplastics and The Future of Recycling. - Documentary

This documentary showcases josh's ambition with a humble start as a small scale personal recycling center and how he is creating unique art out of discarded plastics in an attempt to reverse the numbers of the problematic current recycling system.

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