Welcome HOVL Listeners!

We are stoked that you are interested in what we are doing over here at Different Media. Our goal is to help educate those that are interested in alternative lifestyles so that it is easier for them to make the transition to the life they want to live! We do that primarily by showcasing people who are already living vanlife, in a tiny house, on a sailboat or off the grid. We did a video with Nikky the host of "Humans of Van Life" which is a great example of the type of video we are looking to produce with you! You can watch the video below. We are hoping that you may know someone who would be interested in being interviewed or that you yourself have a dwelling you would like to share!

We are currently filming in Vancouver, Victoria, and around Vancouver Island. Although we are starting to work with video producers all over the world, so no matter where you live if you are interested in doing a video with us or interested in knowing more, feel free to reach out to us! Each time we do a video with one of you, HOVL gets a referral bonus! Let's help support our favourite Podcast!

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