Meet the Team

Forrest Stevens .

-Founder of Different Media, Video Producer, Editor-
-Victoria, B.C / Nomadic-

I am Forrest, the founder of Different Media. This journey started for me when my partner and I bought a minivan to convert and travel across the country in. I noticed that there was a great need for videos about building and living in alternative dwellings.  I happily fell into this niche because of my love for sustainability. I am currently travelling, meeting like-minded people to feature in videos and podcasts, and adding people to our team so that we can work together to fulfil all our individual dreams! Reach out if you are interested!

Gregory Wong.

-Video Producer, Editor-
-Victoria, B.C.-

Vancouver Island born and raised, my heart belongs in the trees and the oceans. I am passionate about health and fitness, and music fuels my soul. I am also a huge nerd for creative tiny living spaces and minimalism, and am excited to meet up and shoot your awesome spaces!

Madison Dewalt.

-Video Producer, Editor-
-Vancouver, BC / Nomadic-

 I am a Vancouver based videographer, actress and general creative who has always been attracted to alternative lifestyles. I have done some short van living stints myself in the past, have lived in many eclectic collective homes, and I love to meet and interview folks who are challenging social norms. So far I've travelled to 25 countries and I can't wait to keep exploring and meeting up with radical and innovative people all over the world! Are you next?

Interested in being part of our team?

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