• Forrest Stevens

3 boys 1 boat - The Silliest Sailboat Cruising Vlog you will Ever Watch.

Day 2 of sailing around Vancouver island and Canada's western Gulf Islands, we stop at Newcastle island, where Riley steps on some Eagle guts, and then have a great day of high winds sailing to decourcy island. We inflate our Thurso SUP (https://amzn.to/2q0zC03) Decourcy island was really cool, the place we went used to be the homestead of Brother 12, he was the head of a cult that charmed women that passed by the island into joining and handing their personal finances over to the cult. We then find a magnifying glass in a treasure chest and use it and the power of the sun to smoke weed out of a seashell... and IT WORKED! Greg gets lost in the woods, we have a pinecone fight, we end the night with a steak dinner and making fun of Greg the Vegan.

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