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Couple Move into a RV and EVERYTHING goes wrong in the first week! - The Forrest Stevens Show - Ep 9

In this episode of the forrest stevens show, We have another returning guest, Emily arnold, a.k.a my girlfriend, (https://www.instagram.com/emyleh/) This podcast was shot 5 days after we had moved out of our basement suite and into a 1989 toyota slumber queen motorhome. We ran out of battery power because of insane northwest storms, which meant no heat from our forced air propane furnace. and also it meant no lights! The second night we went to our friends new years eve party and we drove into their apartment building with our RV breaking off a vent from our black water tank! Forrest Spills of the waste water, everything inside our home is wet, and Emily still can't get warm! anyway here is the pod, hope you enjoy!

Listen to the podcast on any of your favorite podcast platforms. https://anchor.fm/the-forrest-stevens-show/episodes/Couple-Move-into-a-RV-and-EVERYTHING-goes-wrong-in-the-first-week----The-Forrest-Stevens-Show---Ep-9-ea339a

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