• Forrest Stevens

Girls Girls Girls!! - Sailboat Cruising around Vancouver Island and Filming a Travel show!

Ever wonder what it would be like to Sail around the most beautiful place in the world with two of your best friends? Yeah we wondered that to, so we decided to find out and it turns out it is the most fun you could possibly have traveling. In this sailing vlog we wake up at wallace island and take a piece of driftwood with our boats name (spelled wrong) to a cabin that is chock full of stuff like that. I also did a patch on our Thurso Stand up Paddleboard (https://amzn.to/2q0zC03) Made french toast and coffee, and Greg and I freshen up in anticipation of seeing our girlfriends on Salt Spring Island. We motor sail from Wallace island to Salt Spring Island and meet up with Emily and Cam, and our friend Forest. Riley and I then hitchhike to meet the rest fo the crew at cusheon Lake, we found some super soakers and we rally those pretty hard, before heading back to the sailboat for a night of weed and laughs.

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