• Forrest Stevens

How to Remove a 3-Way Fridge from a RV and Replace it with A 12 Volt Compressor Fridge.

In this video Forrest the founder of Different Media shows you how to remove a broken 3-way dometic fridge from a Motorhome, and how to replace it with a efficient 12 volt Compressor Fridge instead. Forrest is restoring and renovating his 1989 Toyota Motorhome and only the propane function of his 3 way fridge worked so he decided to give it away and replace it with a 12 volt compressor cooler. Compressors are the same technology that are used in our refrigerators in houses, but the 12 volt versions have a modified compressor to work at lower voltage and lower amperage, which suits RV and Van life. The Chilly moose 52L fridge is a perfect example of a efficient option to keep your food cold, it uses only 60 watts when it is on, and once it reaches temperature it turns off and waits to heat back up again until turning on and consuming more of your battery. Forrest also builds a slide out tray for the fridge to sit on because it is a top loading type model and he shows you how to do that in this video. If you found this video useful at all, make sure to check out our sponsors as it was only made possible by them, They make all sorts of cool outdoor equipment! The Chilly Moose 52L 12 volt compressor cooler I use in this video. https://www.chillymoose.ca/collections/portable-fridge-freezer/products/portable-fridge-52l Follow Forrest's motorhome Restoration in Full detail here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2aM2gVVEHTu0pfE1ZyA0BQ

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