• Forrest Stevens

I Bought My Dream Motorhome!! (Transforming the outdated 1989 Toyota Rv into a Super Tiny House.)

you read that right, A super tiny house. I bought a Toyota 1989 slumber queen (canadian version of a dolphin) and I plan on renovating, converting, and upgrading almost everything on and in this thing. It currently has 340 watts of solar on the roof, and 210 amp hours of Lead acid, which I plan to upgrade to 640 watts of solar, and 300 amp hours of Lithium Iron phosphate. It has a half working 3- way fridge which i plan on taking out and replacing with a 12 volt compressor fridge, I plan on sanding down the fake wood paneling and slapping on a fresh coat of paint, replace all the handles, and optimize storage. Re doing the curtains and cushions so that Emily (my girlfriend), Ronnie (our Cat), and I (person typing this, and person in the video) can live, and work, and travel comfortably for a long period of time. We tried vanlife multiple times in the past, but that was before I could work remotely, so we would always end up broke and it was a temporary vacation more than it was actually living, This time we bought the rig we want, plan to make it better, and live in it long term to gain all the benefits of long term nomadic living.

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