• Forrest Stevens

Mother + Daughter Live Full Time In Custom DIY Van Converted from a Fire Department Step Van.

Meg and Molly and their two cats and one dog live full time in a Van tiny house that they built from a montreal fire department utility truck, They have been traveling north america for the past 2 years and have only recently settled down in Tofino BC (still in the Van) so that Molly could go to school. Meg got interested in Vanlife through friends and seeing adventurous people on instagram living the lifestyle. It dawned her that just because she is a single mom does not mean that she has to be shackled to a normal life where she worked to pay rent and was unable to save money for the future. Meg built the van out herself with some help for the solar and plumbing, she used to have a cubic mini wood stove in the van but found that the wood cut in to her fuel economy and found that it was too much of a hassle, so she decided to just chase the sun instead. Hopefully you all enjoy this unique van build! let us know what you liked most about this video in the comment section below!

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