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Only 9% of Plastic is Recycled, This Man is Changing that with Art - Microplastic Documentary - 2019

Only roughly nine percent of plastic has ever been recycled and turned into new products. Plastic is unlike it's recycling counterparts, paper and cardboard can be decomposed by microbes, and the metal can be broken down by the chemical reaction on its surface with the air and water around it. Plastic doesn't break down so easily, it's estimated that it can take between hundreds or thousands of years for certain plastics to break down. Since synthetic petroleum based plastic has been around since 1907, no plastic has naturally broken down before. A huge amount of plastic ends up where it shouldn't be, The great pacific garbage patch is a large example of that, but it also ends up in soil, our drinking water, Fish and wildlife, and it also ends up on our dinner plates and inside our bodies, carrying with it chemicals.

Josh at Taiwanderful Recycling co was really affected by these facts and decided to do something about one of the 3 major fronts of the plastic and micro plastic problem. Josh says " The three fronts of this problem is fixing the problems with current recycling, Reducing our dependence on plastic, and the wide adoption of alternatives like bioplastics." Josh decided to take a hands on approach diving deep into research and development on a grassroots scale at first. He researched the many holes in the recycling cycle and decided to take steps to solve them, working on developing beach clean up systems, incentives, and recycling up to 100% of the plastic that comes into his work shop. One of the main thing that Josh wants to do with plastic is to bring value back into something that the majority of us think is disposable. He plans on doing that with creating art from discarded plastic. Art is valued and therefore not thrown away or even recycled, it is passed down or sold and therefore kept out of marine ecosystems. Taiwanderful is now consulting for large scale recyclers in Taiwan, participating in Art exhibits, and creating relationships with other eco artists and grassroots organizations in Asia.

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