• Forrest Stevens

Stealth Cargo Van Conversion Tour!! - DIY Build with Simple Full Electrical Setup!

Chris has a GMC Savana Cargo van that he converted into a comfy and functional camper van, he lived in it for 6 months before moving into a apartment with his partner, and then the van was for weekends, and this also allowed chris to update and rebuild some of the systems he has in place for Van life. Being frugal Chris found ways to avoid paying high prices using simple hacks for things like his fantastic van, saving him 60 bucks by using a simple switch to reverse the polarity, and using a smart isolator to charge a deep cycle battery directly from the alternator instead of investing thousands in solar panels, his electrical system cost his about 500$ canadian. He also used these awesome hinges that can support quite a bit of weight and built collapsable tables that also function as doors to the under the bed storage, as well as they function as a outside deck. Lots going on in this simple build! comment below what your favorite part of his build is!

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