• Forrest Stevens

Stealth Minivan Camper Conversion Tour!! - With Kitchen, Movie Theater, Couch / Bed, and Insulated.

For the last 10 months I've been building out a minivan into a stealth camper van, Fully equipped with a sink and stove kitchen, slide out bed that turns into a couch, collapsible desk and prep station, fully insulated, and it has a projector movie theater. The Build cost me barely anything as most of the materials were reclaimed and upcycled. Let me know what you all think!

This minivan has been converted into a Stealth Camper van with a kitchen, a compact desk and prep station, a full kitchen with stove and a gravity fed simple water and sink setup, it features a couch with a frame that slides out into a bed, storage and it has been fully insulated with a mix of rigid foam and reflectix, the floors are astro turf and the walls are finished in a naturally fire retardant treated burlap sacks. This van has come along way from its soccer mom origins, it is now a perfect stealth campervan for camping trips or for a minimalist to escape the rent world and become s micro home owner. Forrest built this van out slowly for the last 10 months and documented the whole process for his youtube channel, here is a playlist containing all the videos from start to finish! Forrest is now moving on to a bigger tiny house on wheels, a Toyota base motorhome, he recently purchased it (The day after this was filmed) and is now reno-ing and getting ready to move into it with his partner and their cat. Follow their adventures here!

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