• Forrest Stevens

Talking and Smoking weed with a Stand up Comedian. / Ep. 10 with Evan Mumford.

In episode 10 of the Forrest Stevens show, I sit down and spark a joint with Victoria Stand up and all around comedian Evan Mumford. (https://www.instagram.com/evanmumphord/ on instagram!) We talk about what got him into comedy, how his style has changed in the 5 years he has been doing it, how the state of comedy has been affected by political correctness in that time, and Evan tells a crazy story about how his improv style crowdwork got him in trouble when he roasted a heckler. He also asks me some

questions about the rocks in my water, we talk about the RV Life, and about youtube and social media. Evan is super funny guy on and off stage and I recommend giving him a follow to stay up to date to wherever he is performing, cause if you can catch one of his shows you should!

Listen to the podcast on any of your favorite podcast platforms by following this link!


Follow evan here




His podcast where he builds a utopia.


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