• Forrest Stevens

The Problem With Flying a Drone on a Boat.... - Sailboat Cruising around Vancouver Island.

We leave Decourcy Island on our Sailboat and head towards Wallace Island. We decide to try to fly the drone because the wind wasn't very strong, but we didn't really think about how we were going to land it. Because of the avoidance sensors the drone almost hit wires on the boat twice! I recommend turning those off and making sure you are a good enough pilot to keep up with the moving boat you are on if you try to fly a drone while on a boat. Riley ends up having to jump into the dinge so that the drone wouldn't sense him and he is able to grab it after a couple of nerve racking moments of panic. We make it to Wallace Island, I paddle to shore on my Thurso Stand Up paddle board, (https://amzn.to/2q0zC03) and Unfortunately I puncture it a little bit on an oyster. I explore one side of wallace by myself after we ran aground, and Riley and Greg waited for the tide to come up so we could get unstuck. Riley and Greg come to shore after that and we explore the other side of wallace Island. It used to have a remote cabin resort on it, an abandoned truck and multiple buildings remain and we explore all of those. We have a pinecone fight and gang up on our Cameraman Greg, and we end the video on a couple of silly goofs and gags.

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